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Over 15 years of experience TangoSupplier S.R.L. has turned out to be leading name in the ship supply services in Argentina.

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We are a young company located in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
We started in 2001 when we realized that most ships which arrived to our country, could not find the supplies they needed. TangoSupplier consists of a professional team from many different areas.
Our staff has wide experience which has been acquired along many years of work in the marine supply. Therefore we have an advantage. We know the flaws that occur in this business and that is why we decided to get together and create Tango Supplier, a company able to solve these flaws.

In Tango Supplier we deal directly with manufacturers and producers of the best known brands in Argentina. This guarantees not only quality but also the reliability of having obtained the best price.

Our staff is highly qualified and available to fulfill your needs.
We know what we do and you can see it through our work and effort. Just call us and you will get the answers you need.

Our Operations

  • We are committed to deliver 24/7 while Services request be met on time

  • Because Safety is important We introduce the ultimate in safety products for ships.

Whenever possible, we make every effort to support our clients to guarantee our quality of service.

Work with us!

Send us your CV and we'll get in touch with you when suitable positions arise. You can email your CV in Acrobat reader pdf or Microsoft Word formats to:

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